A Wise man once said...

have you ever having a dream which gives you an inspiration or idea or even an answer? do you believe if i say that we are smarter when we are in the dream-mode? well, i have no proof for that but i believe it.

for example, back in my secondary school time, i have a friend with his father's name is Syamsari (not the real name). we called him Balak (dont ask me y).

one day, i have a dream about one gurl that i have a crush on her. the interesting part is, in the dream, i've call her, Balak. when i woke up, i still thinking why do i call her Balak? and for some times, i didn't have a clue.

then, at one time (im not sure for how long since the dream), i just realize that the gurl i've dream of, have the same name for her father as my friend earlier. do you get it? same father's name, so my brain assumed they should be called with same name.

the thing is, i already knew about this even before the dream, but i didn't realize it in awake-mode. but in my dream, surprisingly (or not) i have linked these two information together and processed it into an interesting fact. d n.


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