A Wise man once said...

have you ever having a dream which gives you an inspiration or idea or even an answer? do you believe if i say that we are smarter when we are in the dream-mode? well, i have no proof for that but i believe it.

for example, back in my secondary school time, i have a friend with his father's name is Syamsari (not the real name). we called him Balak (dont ask me y).

one day, i have a dream about one gurl that i have a crush on her. the interesting part is, in the dream, i've call her, Balak. when i woke up, i still thinking why do i call her Balak? and for some times, i didn't have a clue.

then, at one time (im not sure for how long since the dream), i just realize that the gurl i've dream of, have the same name for her father as my friend earlier. do you get it? same father's name, so my brain assumed they should be called with same name.

the thing is, i already knew about this even before the dream, but i didn't realize it in awake-mode. but in my dream, surprisingly (or not) i have linked these two information together and processed it into an interesting fact. d n.
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Check list Gurl

I’m sure all boys have a dream of having a dream girl.
Your dream girl should be perfect for you.
She is beautiful or cute. She is gorgeous. She is sexy, intelligent, not necessarily rich but it a bonus if she is. Despite all of this criteria, there is no doubt that the most important is she loves you.
That should matter the most.
So, let say you fix a checklist of all the characteristics that you want for your dream girl. And by some miracle, you found the girl who ticks all of your check boxes. Get her.
But come on, let be realistic. The probability of that going to happen is too low. You are lucky enough if you found a girl that scores eight out of ten from your checklist.
But, what if you find a girl that has nothing on your checklist, but manage to change your mind set of how do you want your dream girl to look like (base on her characteristic)?
No doubt. She is the one.
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Security guard. Or they would prefer to be called ‘security officer’. I’m sure a lot of you will have some dissatisfaction about them even a little bit especially guys.

I have nothing against security guard, but some (not all of them) of them are very annoying. Their attitudes are totally out of my tolerance range.

Most situation I’ve ever face is an arrogant guard. Happen a lot during my time at campus. There is one guard who always avoid me when I try to smile or wave my hand while entering or going out of campus gate. The most annoying part is he does it on purpose. I don’t know what his problem is, but is it really hard to at least just pretend that you are friendly?

The other obvious case was at my training place. Some guards there are very friendly, but there is one (always) that obviously turned around and even walked away when I try to greet him in the morning. Wow… just wowww….

The latest case of guard’s arrogant happen at my work place earlier of this week. It is my first day, I stop at the guard post and ask him if I need to write my name on log book or something. But guess what? He just standing there ignores me and didn’t even look at me!

Well, I don’t have any intention to humiliate them or what. I didn’t ask them to respect me or be friend with me, but at least please show your courtesy.

No offend but the worst human kind is someone who is poor and arrogant. And I didn’t give my respect to this kind of people. The end!
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Charlie Harper on how to prevent Jake Harper

This is one of the best scene from Two and a Half men...

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A letter from Juliet

Dear Claire,

‘What’ and ‘If’ are two words as non-threatening as words can be.

But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.

What if?

What if?

What if?

I don’t know how your story ended, but if what you felt then was true love then it’s never too late.

If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? You need only the courage to follow your heart.

I don’t know what a love like Juliet’s feels like, a love to leave loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for, but I’d like to believe, if I ever were to feel it, that I’d have the courage to seize it.

And, Claire, if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will.

All my love,

p/s: taken from movie 'Letters to Juliet'.
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Two weeks, two goals, three games, three trophies

While his former team mates were struggle to qualify for champion league group stage, Arsenal’s ex-captain continues to collect what he can’t get at Arsenal for six (sick) years.

Yup, shiny things called silverware. I’m sure most of gooners as my self rarely heard about it. Right?
you really miss that thing huh cesc?

So, two weeks, two goals, three games, three trophies… and counting. Not to mention, he also scores the second goals against Porto FC to make sure Barcelona win their 4th UEFA Super Cup titles and 12th Barcelona titles with Guardiola. 
No wonder why he really wants to move back to Barcelona. Wish you all the best Cesc, and F**k off Barcelona FC!!!!

P/s: he scores his first goal for Barcelona FC in Joan Gamper Throphy against Napoli.

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A story of Teachers and their pupils

For those who don’t knows, and care enough to know, I’m living next to my primary school.

Why I brought that up? Right now annoyingly I’m listening to a teacher nagging (in assembly) to students who doesn’t bring national flag to school (for Merdeka day celebration). And not just today, I have to listen to her nagging this whole week because apparently, this week she is on duty (sigh).

I don’t want to condemn but I notice this for a while now, that some of these teachers talk to their student without mouth filtering. They really say what they want to say.

As I notice in TV dramas, movie, etc, a teacher (especially main actress) is like an angel, really care about their student, soft spoken, and (of course) beautiful.
sekadar hiasan
 But the way I heard here, teachers (not all of them) always yell, make an inappropriate comparison with their students, say harsh words and many more.

I mean, come on… what do you expect from 12 years old (and younger) kids? I know sometime kids during that age are really getting to my nerve but I really don’t expect that from an adult with qualification to teach kids.
 Back to the time I studied here also, these kinds of creatures (not the same person) already exist. Some teachers even unfairly treat us according to our parent’s social status. And for a poor family living next to school; I am, with no doubt had received among the worse treatment. But of course there are only a few of them.

Some of them just randomly say things, some of them picking up certain student to bully and some of them actually a very good educator. And there are some of them can balance it. They cruel at some times, but still pupils still love them because they know how to win a pupil’s heart (come on…it is not that hard).

I still remember certain teachers who love to make my day miserable back then.

The first one is a single female teacher with a filthy mouth. Almost every time she came to my class, she always came up with a topic to insult or mock me. I hardly remember a sweet thing she manages to say to me. Hardly… but I think she had. And she retires with a single status remain.

In standard three, I have a male teacher with a very bad temper. If you didn’t do your homework, pelempang was a sure result. But he manages to somehow win our hearts. May be it is because we were so naïve back then. By the way, he involved in a car accident one day. He survived.

There are another male teacher who love to pelempang his pupil (boys only). And of course at that time we boys feel so unfair because he only hit boys. When gets older, I learn that hitting a girl is dayus. But hitting boys is okay I guess… if you pick someone with your own size DICKless!!! By the time I left the school he already married 3 years and childless.
 Move on…

The fourth one is also a He. I remember one day accidently tore a chalkboard eraser (the one made with cloth winding) while playing with my friend. I checked the price for one of those, and it was 80 cents back then. And for a 80 cents worth of mistake, I have been insulted for the rest of that year.

something like this but more oval-looking

For the record, I did pay 50 cents to him with extra money from my school t-shirt purchased. But the insults continue… then one day my classmate (a girl) accidently broke a chair and he forgave her right away. Aaaaaa… isn’t he is a forgiving person? Forgiving my ass!!

And that brought us to the last but not least, my kindergarten teacher. She is a loving person, but she grades her student by our parent’s social status.

I remember getting a pair of tupperware, a scroll and a plate (some kind of trophy I think) while my other friends (with higher social standard’s parent of course) got a hamper each with remote control car, Barbie doll and many more toys.
 I don’t want to brag about it, but during my primary school I always got higher grade than most of those nobel prizes winners.

But of course not all of them are bad. There are many of them who actually really gave credit to me based on my education level. Some of them are bad tempered too.

Kids at primary school level are still naïve. You hit them, a second later you can cheer them up with your cold joke and they still love you in the end of the day. You can be strict, but there is a way to do so. You are allowed to punish them in order to give them a lesson, but don’t hit them at their face.

Even though you are a teacher and kids are supposed to respect you, don’t expect that before you learn how to respect them first.
I used to watch a movie about a chef (Catherine zeta jones) who had to take care of her dead sister’s daughter, brought her niece to her workplace (because her niece doesn’t want to stay alone at home). Her niece’s teacher caught her (the niece) sleep in her class and find out that she stay late at night because she followed her aunt to the restaurant.

The principle take an immediate action by calling her aunt and give her (the aunt) a warning if she ever brought her niece to workplace again, she (the principle) will call the child service and claim the aunt guilty for illegal child labor.

Did you see the different? Regardless the aunt is a head chef of a famous restaurant in town, the principle still make her pupil’s needs as a priority. Even though in order to do so, she needs to ‘black mail’ the aunt.

p/s: Allah loves kids as they have no sins (not like us). So whoever hurts a kid, believe me, they’ll be hurt later.
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